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What is a Useful Idiot?

In political jargon, the term useful idiot was used to describe Soviet sympathizers in Western countries.

The implication is that though the person in question naively thought themselves an ally of the Soviet Union, they were actually held in contempt and were being cynically used.

The term has been extended to other people perceived as propagandists for a cause they do not understand.

Beware of the Useful Idiots who live in liberal democracies. Knowingly or unknowingly, they serve as the greatest volunteer and effective soldiers of Islam. They pave the way for the advancement of Islam and they will assuredly be among the very first victims of Islam as soon as it assumes power.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Voice Stress Analysis: A Politicians Nightmare! Now we can stop the Madness!

Voice Stress Analysis is a type of lie detector which measures stress in a person's voice. That makes it recordable, and means it can be used on tape recordings older than V.S.A. technology itself is. Every word is analyzed for stressful reactions.
The use of Voice Stress Analysis (V.S.A.) as a lie detector became popular in the late 1970s and 80s.

Today its Voice-stress analysis, an alternative to the polygraph as a method for lie detection, its already widely used in police and insurance fraud investigations and by other organizations.
This was used to detect that Herman Cain was telling the truth its a VALID TECHNOLOGY that really is 95% or more accurate every time and does not need to have ANY BASELINE as the Polygraph does. Liberals and politicians in general SHOULD FEAR THIS GREATLY because lying is not possible without detection, using this system.
The fact that Herman Cain was falsely accused in a political dirty trick shouldn't surprise anyone, what does surprise me is that we are not flocking to Cain's side in support because it happened. Voters really are fickle when the left attacks, when they should be proactive and rub the left's face in this lie!
There is no good excuse for this kind of dirty behavior and if we are not going to do the right thing and support the people they attack then we are blind to truth and what makes America great. We must begin to use the tools denied us in the past to defeat these scum-bag Progressives!

Herman Cain recently said.......
“Someone made the observation that a successful campaign goes through four stages,” Cain told the Northern Virginia Technology Council. “The first phase is they ignore you. … Second phase, they ridicule you. And some of the pundits have described the Cain candidacy for president as entertaining, the third phase, they try to destroy you. Well, I got a little of that this week,” he said before describing the fourth phase as being accepted. 

It is now possible to eliminate political dirty tricks and lying that have taken over in election debates. We the People can now detect their dishonesty and do the right thing.....DON'T VOTE FOR THEM and follow the truth tellers only!
I think this should be used in every debate on BOTH parties and as long as we need to vote these people in. Taking the one thing away that makes voting NO FUN. Think about just how easy voting would be if every American had this on their Computer to let them know who's being less than honest or just out right lying!
The LEFT however never learns its lessons as this moronic statement proves......
"I wouldn’t put too much stock in TJ Ward’s voice analysis software test results for both the accused and the accuser. I am sure the results aren’t as fool-proof as TJ Ward would have the general public believe. (The evidence says otherwise as you yourself can determine) As for his success rate, he certainly came back from Aruba empty-handed. (How does he know?) It isn’t a coincidence that T. J. Ward suddenly popped up with his voice analysis software to come to Herman Cain’s rescue. This was an orchestrated move on the part of either Herman Cain & Lin Wood or Lin Wood and T. J. Ward or all three. This isn’t a coincidence. The timing is very, very suspect."
Yeh! As is every word of the bimbo patrol SUDDENLY appearing AFTER OVER 10 YEARS OF SILENCE. Cain rose in the polls and walla! There they were, COINCIDENCE? I THINK NOT!
Nothing this person said means anything as the Software is legit NO MATTER what the motives of the tester, if it were a regular Polygraph he MIGHT have a small point but not here. This is the left running scared from real proof! Stress because of a lie is the result of the test....PERIOD!
 I'm getting it, how about you?
 Don't wait any longer, order now and you will be very impressed!
Studies Validating Voice Stress Analysis
1. Air Force Research Laboratory, Rome, NY, October, 2000. Funded by the National Institute of Justice, a three-year study by the AFRL determined that voice stress analysis achieved an accuracy rate of 100% when used to detect stress in 45 known-conclusion responses. (Available from

2. Cestaro, V. Department of Defense Polygraph Institute, Ft. McClellan, AL. “A Comparison Between Decision Accuracy Rates Obtained Using the Polygraph Instrument and the Computer Voice Stress Analyzer in the Absence of Jeopardy”, August, 1995. Cestaro reports that “the lab simulations established that the CVSA performs electrically according to the manufacturer’s theory of operation” and, even in the absence of jeopardy, which is a basic requirement in detection of deception, “These data indicate that there may be a systematic and predictable relationship between voice patterns and stress related to deception” (Available from DoD web site:

3. Tippett, R. Florida Department of Law Enforcement. “Comparative Analysis Study of the Computer Voice Stress Analyzer and Polygraph”, August, 1994. Both a polygraph and voice stress examiner, S/A Tippett examined 54 individuals that were convicted sex offenders on probation and in treatment for their crimes. His conclusions were: “With these 54 examinations, there was a 100% agreement between the CVSA and the polygraph. The number of examinees that were found to be deceptive (DI) were 35 and the number of examinees found to be not deceptive (NDI) were 19. As a result of this study, it appears that the CVSA is as effective as polygraph, which is the question this study set out to answer” (Available from University of Missouri web site:

4. Ruiz, Legros, & Guell, 1990. Voice analysis to predict the psychological or physical state of a speaker. Published in Aviation, Space, and Environmental Medicine, 1990. Ruiz et al. reports that their “research suggests that psychological stress may be detected as acoustic modifications in the fundamental frequency of a speakers voice” and “that the fundamental frequency of the vocal signal is slowly modulated (8-14 Hz) during speech in an emotionally neutral situation. In situations demanding increased ‘mental or psychomotor’ activity, the 8-14 Hz modulation then decreases as the striated muscles surrounding the vocal cords contract in response to the arousal, thus limiting the natural trembling” (Available from Library of Congress).

5. Chapman, J. Criminal Justice Department, Corning Community College, NY. “The Psychological Stress Evaluator As A Tool For Eliciting Confessions”, 1989. Chapman selected 211 criminal responses at random from 2,109 known-conclusion responses where voice stress analysis was used to test suspects. Professor Chapman’s study confirmed that voice stress analysis was accurate when utilized as a truth verification device and produced a confession rate of 94.8% of the responses where deception was indicated (Available from NITV).

6. Brockway, B.F., University of Colorado School of Nursing, Denver, Colorado. “Situational Stress and Temporal Changes In Self-Report and Vocal Measurements.” Presented to the annual meeting of the American Association For the Advancement of Science, February, 1977. Brockway’s study reports that voice stress analysis does depict predictable and self-reported anxiety (Available from Library of Congress).

7. Smith, G.A. “Voice Analysis For Measurement Of Anxiety.” British Journal of Medical Psychology, 1977. The author concludes that voice stress analysis is a valid measure of anxiety (Available from Library of Congress).

8. Borgen, L.A., Goodman, L.I., Parke-Davis Research Laboratories, Ann Arbor, MI. “Voice Stress Analysis of Anxiolytic Drug Effects.” Results of the study indicated that voice stress analysis of the verbal responses correlated well with the other physiological responses to acute stress (Available from Library of Congress).

9. Inbar, G.F., Eden, G. Dept. of Electrical Engineering Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel. “Psychological Stress Evaluators: EMG Correlation With Voice Tremor” published in Biology of Cybernetics, 1976. Inbar and Eden were able to independently verify the existence of the 8-14 Hertz ‘micro-tremor’ and to trace its origins to the central nervous system (Available from Library of Congress).

10. Wiggins, S.L., McCranie, M.L., and Bailey, P. Department of Psychiatry, Medical College of Georgia, Augusta, Georgia. “Assessment of Voice Stress In Children”. Published in the Journal of Nervous Mental Disorders, 1975. The authors concluded that “audio stress can be detected with a voice stress analyzer in psychiatric patients during the course of therapy and that the VSA could serve as a useful tool for this purpose” (Available from Library of Congress).

11. Heisse, J. “Is The Micro-Tremor Usable? - The Micro-Muscle Tremor In The Voice.” U.S. House Subcommittee of the Committee on Government Operations, 1974. Heisse analyzed 91 known-conclusion criminal responses utilizing voice stress analysis and determined that “Audio stress analysis seems to be valid in detecting changes in various psycho physiological parameters so that a trained examiner utilizing standard techniques can evaluate these changes and thus utilize the instrument in truth and deception” (Available from Library of Congress).

12. Brenner, M. “Stage Fright and Steven’s Law.” Dept. of Psychology, Ohio State University, presented at the convention of the Eastern Psychological Association, April, 1974. Brenner, utilizing a voice stress analyzer, established that the frequency of vocal stress increased as a function of audience size (Available from Library of Congress).

13. Lippold, O. “Oscillations In The Stretch Reflex Arc And The Origin Of The Rhythmical 8-12 C/S Component Of The Physiological Tremor.” The Journal Of Physiology, February, 1970. Lippold first discovers the physiological tremor in the human voice in the 8-12 Hz range (Available from Library of Congress).

14. Lippold, O., Redfearn, J., Vuco, R. “The Rhythmical Activity Of Groups Of Muscle Units In The Voluntary Contraction Of Muscle.” The Journal Of Physiology, August, 1957. Lippold, Redfearn and Vuco begin exploring the correlation between muscle activity and stress (Available from Library of Congress).

The Facts
Voice Stress Analysis is so powerful if used secretly in contract negotiations and other private discussions to get unfair advantage that criminal laws require written permission to use it.

Voice Stress Analysis is developed for United States Military Intelligence looking for an alternative to wired polygraph.

Voice Stress Analysis is used by the US Highway Patrol and nearly 1,500 other law-enforcement agencies instead of wired polygraph examinations.

Most insurance companies quietly use Voice Stress Analysis to screen for suspected false loss claims.

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